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Automated Evaluation and Management coding with Medicode


Use Case Description

Medicode brings the power of Generetive AI to your fingertips by automatically analyzing unstructured medical notes to extract relevant text, and suggest the most appropriate E/M code. Each suggestino comes with three key information: the original extracted text, the official definition associated with the suggested code, and the confidence index, giving you full power on approving or overriding the suggestion. By leveraging a sophisticated algorithm combining artificial intelligence and business rules, optimize your billing process by reliably detecting codes and modifiers to maximize reimbursement. Compatible with Medicare codes, Medicode transparently provides a coding reliability score and justification, allowing you to maintain constant control over the coding process.


Immediate and trackable ROI

  • Reduce time dedicated to coding medical documents
  • Increase revenue by accurately code your medical activity
  • Reduce risk of upcoding and litigatino by providing proofs for each document