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Automate and Optimize Medical Information Coding with Medicode

Use Case Description

The Medicode tool aims to automate the coding of medical information by identifying, in medical reports or patient discharge letters, the various procedure and diagnosis codes encountered during their stay. By leveraging a sophisticated algorithm combining artificial intelligence and business rules, optimize your billing process by detecting codes or associations that may escape manual detection, thus potentially increasing reimbursements. Whether in on-site integration or SaaS mode, Medicode offers the ability to automate the medical information coding process while seamlessly providing a coding reliability score, allowing you to maintain constant control over coding.


Return on Investment

  • Maximize reimbursements! Through coding verification, Medicode offers optimization by detecting, in medical documents, passages justifying more valuable coding.
  • Free up time for medical staff! With Medicode, save precious hours by automating the coding of certain medical activities.
  • Improve coding quality and bring meaning to your medical-administrative data.

They Use Medicode


As part of the coding management for multiple sclerosis treatment sessions and cataract outpatient surgeries, the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation Hospital in Paris relies on Medicode to automate and ensure the reliability of coding for these two activities.