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Our Uncompromising Approach to Health Data Security

Certified Health Data Host

Kaduceo is resolutely committed to health data security by hosting its services on certified servers provided by the French host AZNetworks. This certification attests to the highest level of security and compliance with standards governing the storage and management of medical data. This approach reflects our unwavering commitment to the confidentiality and integrity of the sensitive information we handle, ensuring our clients and partners a reliable platform that complies with the strict requirements of the medical environment.


GDPR Compliance


Kaduceo places paramount importance on data protection and rigorously complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As part of this compliance, the company implements several proactive measures. Firstly, it ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information by implementing advanced security protocols, including the use of HDS servers for medical data storage. Additionally, we ensure transparency in data processing by clearly informing users about the purpose of the collection and obtaining their informed consent. We also enforce strict internal policies regarding access management and data retention periods, thereby contributing to continuous and effective compliance with the applicable regulations.

Use of Local AI Models

Kaduceo stands out by exclusively using artificial intelligence models deployed on its own servers, ensuring complete data confidentiality. Unlike the widespread practice among our competitors, who heavily rely on OpenAI (and thus have data transiting through U.S. servers), our models are built based on the open-source Mistral models, a significant French player in generative AI. This approach guarantees that sensitive data never leaves our servers to be stored on external infrastructures. We are committed to preserving the security and sovereignty of our users' data.