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Dr Andrea Lazzati, Noémie Salaün-Penquer, Matthieu Ortala, Marina Vignot, Dr Gianpaolo De Filippo, Dr Camille Jung *Author details available on the publication
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Surgery obesity and related diseases , 1-10Published: 24 May 2021 This study analyzes trends in metabolic bariatric surgery among adolescents in France on the basis of national data over an 11-year period Highlights
  • Trends in bariatric surgery are very different in adolescents and adults.
  • In adolescents, postoperative morbidity is significantly lower. Mortality is zero.
  • Removal of the band at 10 years is less frequent in adolescents (25%) than in adults (50%).
  • The revision rate after sleeve at 10 years is 2.9% in adolescents and 12.2% in adults.
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